The GNI is pleased to announce new additions to our staff.

Long time GNI member and former Board representative Elonnai Hickok will be joining as GNI’s Managing Director. Elonnai has contributed to the advancement of human and digital rights in technology and policy for over a decade and has developed research and written extensively on issues relating to privacy, cybersecurity, surveillance, intermediary liability, and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence.

“Elonnai has been a longtime friend of GNI. We will benefit tremendously from the incredible range of expertise and perspectives that she brings to our growing organization,” said Jason Pielemeier, GNI’s Executive Director.

Elonnai currently serves as a member to a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives including as the co-chair to the Freedom Online Coalition Advisory Network, a member of the GIFCT Independent Advisory Committee, and as a member to the ChristChurch Call Advisory Network. Formerly, Elonnai was a non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the chief operating officer of the Centre for Internet & Society, India.

The GNI also welcomes Ramsha Jahangir as a Senior Policy and Communications Associate.

As an award-winning journalist from Pakistan, Ramsha has extensively reported and researched on technology and human rights for national and international publications. She has produced investigative work on an expansive list of topics relating to internet rights; mis/disinformation, platform regulation, digital censorship, surveillance, and tech policy.

“Ramsha’s experience covering challenging issues as a tech journalist will help us expand our policy work and improve how we communicate publicly about GNI’s unique work,” said Pielemeier.

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