GNI’s Country Legal Frameworks Resource (CLFR) has been updated with three new country reports from Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Nigeria, which aim to support the efforts of legal researchers, activists, and ICT companies to examine governments’ legal authorities to intercept communications, obtain access to communications data, or restrict access to content and communications services in more than 50 countries. Working with GNI’s membership, including local experts, to produce the reports, these additions are particularly relevant in view of Cameroon’s history of network disruptions, the recent privatization of the telecommunications market in Ethiopia, and the ongoing debates around content governance and data protection in Nigeria. If you are interested in contributing to these or other CLFR reports, including new countries that are not yet covered, please fill out this feedback form.


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The Global Network Initiative Welcomes the “Declaration for the Future of the Internet”

April 29, 2022|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions, surveillance|

GNI welcomes the recent Declaration for the Future of the Internet, in particular the centrality of human rights and the emphasis placed on multistakeholder approaches. As a multistakeholder organization that has been working for over a dozen years to protect digital rights, GNI looks forward to continuing to engage with signatories and stakeholders, and will work to hold signatory nations to the principles laid out in this Declaration. Read more for the full statement.

GNI Statement: Proposed Amendments to Address “Cyberbullying” in Kazakhstan Likely to Further Restrict Speech and Privacy Online

April 6, 2022|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, media releases|

GNI expresses concern about proposed amendments to Kazakhstan’s Law on Informatization. While the amendments’ stated goal is to reduce cyberbullying, it appears they will impose significant risks for freedom of expression and privacy in Kazakhstan and undermine this goal. The amendments could impose monitoring obligations on a wide range of ICT companies, increase the government’s authority to order content restrictions, and threaten shutdown of access to services that fail to comply. Read more for the full statement.


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