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The GNI framework sets expectations and provides guidance for tech companies on establishing effective internal governance, assessing and addressing risk through due diligence, respecting freedom of expression and privacy, and conducting meaningful stakeholder engagement and transparency.

Our multistakeholder, independent assessment process provides insights into our member companies’ relevant policies and practices, fostering candid discussions and constructive recommendations for continuous improvement.

Through our assessment process, GNI member companies undergo assessments by accredited, independent assessors, who review materials and interview employees in order to evaluate progress in implementing the GNI Principles. Assessment reports are shared confidentially with GNI’s multistakeholder Accountability Committee and Board, which use them to determine whether and how each member company is “making good-faith efforts to implement the GNI Principles with improvement over time.”

The independent assessment includes both a company Process Review and a review of specific Case Studies:

  •  The Process Review examines a company’s systems, policies, and procedures to implement the GNI Principles.
  •  The Case Studies assess several cases specific to each company in order to show whether and how the company implemented the GNI Principles in practice.

The GNI assessment process is confidential in order to allow for the review of internal, non-public materials, including sensitive case studies of government requests from countries around the world. After assessments have been completed, GNI shares relevant information about the process through our public Assessment Reports.  View our past public assessment reports.

GNI’s Assessment Toolkit (“Toolkit”) explains the assessment process in detail. You may also refer to the FAQ for further information.

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