Across The Stack Tool

The Global Network Initiative (GNI), working with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), has developed a tool to help actors working across the technology ecosystem identify and address high level human rights issues and due diligence “questions”.

Illustrative use cases:

  • Investors looking to understand material human rights risks relevant to different technology products and services
  • Human rights practitioners at technology companies seeking to identify and prioritize human rights risks
  • Civil society organizations engaging companies and governments on priority business and human rights issues
  • Regulators and policy makers seeking to understand how policy interventions in one part of the technology ecosystem may impact human rights elsewhere
  • Consultants helping companies conduct meaningful human rights due diligence
  • Standard setting organizations and auditors working to develop and review professional standards that go beyond technical specifications to protect human rights

This technology ecosystem due diligence tool is a co-created resource and will benefit from testing, piloting, and shared learning. It should be considered a work-in-progress, not a final state publication.

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