GNI Welcomes New Members: Open MIC, InternetLab, Data Privacy Brasil

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March 22, 2024  |  Membership, News

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is thrilled to announce that Open MIC, InternetLab, and Data Privacy Brasil have joined GNI as members.

Open MIC works to foster greater corporate accountability in the deployment and use of digital technologies. Their primary tools are shareholder engagement and other finance-focused strategies. Current Open MIC initiatives include racial and gender diversity in the tech workforce; algorithmic accountability; hate speech and media manipulation; net neutrality; and online privacy. Open MIC has joined GNI’s Investor constituency.

“Human rights, like freedom of expression and privacy, are under siege in countries around the world. We look forward to collaborating with GNI members and staff on the difficult and important work that’s required to protect those rights on a global basis.”
– Michael Connor, Executive Director, Open MIC

InternetLab is an independent think tank focused on human rights and digital technologies based in São Paulo, Brazil. They deliver evidence-based and impact-oriented social and legal research, as well as analysis to identify and clarify critical issues, thereby helping to build the intellectual and evidential foundation for public awareness, action, and policymaking. InternetLab has joined GNI’s Academic constituency.

“InternetLab and GNI had many affinities in their approaches and have been working together for years now. We are happy for taking the next step.”

Data Privacy Brasil is a non-profit civil society organization that promotes the protection of personal data and other fundamental rights in the face of the emergence of new technologies, social inequalities, and power asymmetries. They carry out training, events, certifications, consultancies, multimedia content, public interest research and civic audits to promote rights in a data society marked by asymmetries and injustices. Data Privacy Brasil has joined GNI’s NGO constituency.

“The entry of Data Privacy Brasil into the GNI represents an alignment with our beliefs in multisectoral dialogue, network governance and collaboration to solve complex datafication and platformization problems. It is a strategic network for our action, which is local-global oriented, and we are grateful for this welcome.”
– Rafael Zanatta, co-Director of Data Privacy Brasil

GNI’s Executive Director, Jason Pielemeier, welcomed all three new members noting that: “Data Privacy Brasil and InternetLab’s entry into GNI strengthens our ability to learn from and participate in the important tech policy processes taking place in Brazil, while OpenNet brings critical awareness of and engagement with both the investor community and tech companies. We are very excited to incorporate and build on their respective expertise.”

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