The Global Network Initiative welcomes the first report to the Human Rights Council by David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of expression, on encryption, anonymity and digital communications. GNI provided a submission to inform the report and participate in an experts meeting in Geneva in March 2015.

The report focuses on state obligations regarding secure online communication in the protection of the rights to privacy and freedom of expression, and identifies the GNI Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy as a resource for companies to apply as part of their efforts to respect users’ rights.

On June 10, GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg spoke about encryption and human rights at the POLITICO Cybersecurity Summit in Brussels. “Governments should embrace strong encryption,” said Lichtenberg, “it is a necessary tool for the protection of freedom of expression in the digital age.”

The panel was moderated by David Meyer from POLITICO and also featured Europol Director Rob Wainwright and Christian Horchert from the Chaos Computer Club. Watch the video: