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GNI Statement on Hong Kong’s Protest Anthem Ban

May 27, 2024

GNI is extremely disappointed by the ban on “Glory to Hong... Read more >

GNI Comment on BIS Proposal Regarding Infrastructure as a Service

April 30, 2024

GNI is concerned about the collection and compelled disclosure of information as a necessary precondition for... Read more >

GNI Oral Input: UN Global Digital Compact Zero Draft

April 30, 2024

GNI thanks the co-facilitators for their efforts in drafting an action-oriented... Read more >

GNI Input on NETmundial+10 Consultation

April 15, 2024

GNI's submission identifies how NETmundial+10 can influence support for multistakeholderism in this year of significant developments in digital... Read more >

Statements: UN Global Digital Compact Informal Consultations

March 11, 2024

At the core of GNI’s mission, governance, and work is a commitment to the inclusion of a broad diversity of voices and... Read more >

GNI Statement on the Proposed AIDA Amendments in Canada

March 6, 2024

GNI recommends additional consultation on AIDA, particularly on provisions that raise freedom of expression and privacy... Read more >

GNI Submission to the UK Ofcom Illegal Harms Consultation

February 29, 2024

In our submission, we note a few concerns in the present regulatory approach by... Read more >

GNI Reaffirms Support For EU’s Due Diligence Directive

February 19, 2024

We encourage to co-legislators to adopt the Directive as it sets a robust, risk-based and implementable framework for due... Read more >

GNI Statement on Recent Network Disruptions in Senegal

February 13, 2024

GNI has consistently condemned intentional network disruptions, underscoring human rights... Read more >

GNI Input on WSIS+20 Forum High Level Event, IGF 2024

February 7, 2024

GNI’s submissions emphasized the value of multistakeholder engagement, especially from the Global Majority... Read more >

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