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Companies participating in GNI are independently assessed every two years on their progress in implementing the GNI Principles. The purpose of the assessment is to enable the GNI Board to determine whether each member company is “making good faith efforts to implement the GNI Principles with improvement over time.”

The assessment is made up of a review of relevant internal systems, policies and procedures for implementing the Principles (“the process review”), and an examination of specific cases or examples that show how the company is implementing them in practice (the “case review”).

The GNI assessment process is confidential. This allows GNI’s multi-stakeholder Board to review sensitive case studies of government requests from countries around the world, and for these to be discussed in detail within its forum. It also allows the GNI to review the evolution of the internal systems, processes and policies our member companies use to protect the privacy and free expression rights of their users. To preserve confidentiality, cases presented in public assessment reports are aggregated, and most are anonymized.