2021/2022 Company Assessments

Companies participating in the Global Network Initiative (GNI) are independently assessed every two to three years on their progress in implementing the GNI Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy. To date, GNI has completed three assessment cycles and is gearing up to start the 2021/2022 Company Assessment Cycle. Once all company assessments have been completed and the assessment reports have been reviewed by the GNI Board, GNI will communicate the outcome of the assessment process at the conclusion of the review process and release a public assessment report.

Supporting Documents

GNI Assessment Toolkit
Summary of Case Selection Guidance
Appendix I: Process Review Questions [Also available in French and Spanish]
Appendix II: Case Study Template
Appendix III: Relevant excerpts from Governance Charter and Accountability, Policy and Learning Framework
Appendix IV: Mapping the GNI Principles to Implementation Guidelines
Step-by-Step Guide to GNI Independent Assessment