The Global Network Initiative welcomes its newest academic participant, the George Washington University Law School. “Based in Washington, GW Law has a global commitment to freedom of expression and privacy rights and we look forward to their participation in our growing network,” said GNI Executive Director Susan Morgan.

GW Law School’s faculty is contributing substantially to advancing user rights to freedom of expression and privacy in their scholarship and through a number of activities, including the Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights Distinguished Speaker Series and the International Human Rights Clinic.

On behalf of GW Law, Professors Dawn Nunziato and Arturo Carrillo stated: “We are very honored to join GNI and to contribute to its vital and groundbreaking work toward Internet freedom. Our membership in GNI dovetails with our work on GW Law’s Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights project through which we address global Internet free speech and human rights issues.”

Colin Maclay, GNI Board Member and Managing Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University said: “GW Law School is a tremendous addition to GNI, expanding the community of engaged scholars in this nascent effort and reinforcing the positive feedback loop among research, practice, teaching and sharing.”