GNI statement on Türkiye’s continued push to regulate digital content and pressure intermediaries

GNI expresses deep concern about new laws targeting social media and private messaging services in Türkiye, adding to significant pressure on ICT intermediaries in the country at a sensitive political moment. We call on Turkish authorities to reconsider these amendments and allow greater debate and deliberation on its broader legal framework for content regulation.

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Threats to Free Expression by Turkey and Russia

GNI is deeply concerned by Prime Minister Erdogon's threats to block Facebook and YouTube in Turkey, as well as reports that the Russian government is blocking webpages of Ukrainian dissidents and interfering with mobile networks in Crimea.

Turkish Internet Legislation Threatens Free Expression and Privacy Rights

Update: Turkey’s parliament passed the legislation on Wednesday February 5, 2014. GNI urges Turkish President Abdullah Gül to veto the bill.

The Global Network Initiative is greatly concerned by legislation under consideration in Turkey that if passed, would loosen already troubling standards for blocking of online content and […]

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