Report: Internet Shutdowns in the Northern Zone of Paraguay

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July 20, 2023  |  News

TEDIC is an NGO based in Paraguay founded in 2012 to promote human rights in the digital age. TEDIC participated in GNI’s 2019 Emerging Voices Fellowship Cohort, part of the Enhancing Multistakeholder Collaboration for Internet Freedom (EMCIF) project. They became GNI members shortly after in 2021.

During the project’s second phase, EMCIF transitioned into the Sustaining Multistakeholder Networks (SuNI) project where GNI leveraged its membership to develop targeted research to support advocacy in Global Majority countries. TEDIC was the recipient of one of the five targeted research grants.

In their report supported by this research grant, TEDIC conducted interviews with inhabitants of the area and network monitoring through the Open Observatory on Network Interference (OONI) and the Internet Outage Detection and Analysis (IODA) platforms to study potential internet shutdowns in the Northern Zone of Paraguay. Given the precariousness of the zone, there is a general lack of information about internet shutdowns as a violation to human rights. This report seeks to create awareness about the topic, open communication with companies and present Paraguay’s framework.

Download the Report (in English)

Download the Report (in Spanish)

Read more about the project in this blog post by TEDIC.

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