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GNI is a uniquely authoritative platform for companies, academics, investors and civil society to speak with a single voice, and to collectively engage governments and international institutions to advocate for laws and policies that protect and respect freedom of expression and privacy rights around the world.

Network Disruptions

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New Report! Disconnected: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Network Disruptions

May 30, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions, Publication, reports, Resources|

Authored by former policy fellow Jan Rydzak, the report presents a wealth of data relevant to both researchers and activists, including identifying over 100 instances of deliberate network disruption worldwide in 2017, and provides recommendations for all stakeholders to respond.

Intermediary Liability

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The Global Network Initiative Supports Argentina’s Draft Intermediary Liability Law

July 27, 2018|feature, intermediary liability, issues highlight, media releases, News|

Argentina's draft law on the responsibility of Internet intermediaries would serve as an important benchmark regionally and globally, facilitating innovation & investment and fostering Freedom of Expression online. GNI encourages the Chamber of Deputies to pass it into law as drafted.
  • Book is wide open showing charts, text, and graphics

GNI Welcomes Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression to the Human Rights Council

June 1, 2018|feature, intermediary liability, issues highlight|

Special Rapporteur David Kaye issued a report to the Human Rights Council on the regulation of user-generated content online. GNI submitted input to this report, and the recommendations for companies included elements of the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines.


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GNI Provides Input to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Privacy in the Digital Age

May 3, 2018|Issues, issues highlight, Publication, surveillance|

GNI outlined the relevant provisions of the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines that address privacy and suggested they may serve as models for the “principles, standards and best practices” that the Office of the High Commissioner is seeking to develop.

Jurisdictional Assertions and Limits

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GNI Provides Feedback on European Commission’s Proposal on Requests to Access Electronic Evidence Across Borders

July 24, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, Publication, Resources, Uncategorized|

GNI recognizes that the Commission's proposal on requests to access electronic evidence across borders may expedite legitimate law enforcement investigations, but implementation also raises potential risks for users' rights. Read our recommendations
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