The Global Network Initiative is pleased to announce influential free speech campaign group and publisher Index on Censorship is to join GNI.  Index on Censorship, Britain’s leading organization promoting free expression, will become the first non-founding NGO to join the multi-stakeholder organization.  Susan Morgan, Executive Director of GNI, commented “We welcome the knowledge and experience that they bring, and while the addition of such a valuable participant is news in its own right, we are also excited by the momentum that GNI is gaining with Folksam joining recently and now Index on Censorship.”

For Index, Chief Executive John Kampfner said “Events in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere have demonstrated the key role communications technology plays in enabling human rights, especially freedom of expression. The Global Network Initiative helps companies present a united front against governments with poor human rights records and Index on Censorship is delighted to join this groundbreaking initiative.”

Rob Mahoney of The Committee to Protect Journalists, an original member of the GNI, welcomes the addition of Index.  “Index on Censorship has been a leader in the battle for freedom of expression in print, on air, and online. Their experience and expertise in this field will be an invaluable asset for all members of the Global Network Initiative. As a European-based organization their presence will further expand  the international reach of GNI.”