The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is pleased to announce that the Peruvian digital rights organization Hiperderecho has joined GNI’s civil society constituency.

“We work to improve public knowledge and understanding of the social implications of technology’s role in everyday life. We develop research projects under a human rights and social justice framework that examine local barriers for accessing and using technology and promote an inclusive and safe Internet, particularly for historically disadvantaged and at-risk groups. By joining GNI, we will continue working to improve and promote digital human rights policies in Peru and benefit from GNI’s multistakeholder perspective,” said Executive Director Miguel Morachimo.

Hiperderecho promotes and defends fundamental human rights in the digital space to protect Peruvians’ individual and collective freedoms through community education, critical research, policy advocacy, and technology development. In 2020, Hiperderecho participated in the GNI-Internews Fellowship Program. As part of their fellowship, they led a project on website blocking and developed Error404, an online database that documents illegal website blocking of streaming sites as carried out by Internet service providers in Peru since 2018.

“GNI welcomes Hiperderecho’s experience with different policy advocacy approaches and expertise monitoring and analyzing Internet policies and legislation with a focus on gender and civil society,” said GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg.

Learn more about Hiperderecho and about GNI’s members.