2022 was an exciting year for GNI! This year, GNI conducted its fourth and largest assessment cycle, concluded a strategic review, and continued to welcome new members across all of our constituencies. As we worked tirelessly to reflect on our internal structure and growth, geopolitical developments around the world drew further attention to the role of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector during inter-state armed conflict, as well as new pressures to restrict access to content and services, including across borders. This shift in regulatory environment involving significant regulatory activity vis-à-vis the societal impacts of ICTs.

Thanks to our growing membership, we reaffirmed our commitment to fostering dialogue aimed at addressing these challenges. Informed by globally diverse perspectives and human rights principles at the center of our collective efforts, GNI took some important steps to support its unique position in the ICT sector.

Below are some key highlights and our proudest accomplishments from 2022:

  • An exclusive interview with GNI’s Executive Director Jason Pielemier on the importance of human rights as a framework for fostering global cooperation and responsible business conduct. 
  • A strategic review, facilitated by an expert external consultant, on GNI’s growth, scope and structure, to help maximize our unique added value in the evolving global landscape prompted a year of deep introspection on the relevance and growing significance of the GNI framework.
  • The fourth cycle of GNI’s public assessment process included eleven GNI company members who underwent a review of their independent assessments from the GNI Board. We will be releasing the public assessment report later in 2023.
  • A more global and diverse membership with thirteen new members and fellows from Brazil, Malawi, Indonesia, Palestine, Argentina, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. 
  • With the help of our members, our policy advocacy highlighted emerging threats to privacy and freedom of expression as states develop new ways to access and regulate online user-generated content. 
  • We held twelve learning calls and our first in-person Annual Learning Forum since Covid-19 to allow open and transparent discussions among our different stakeholders to identify good practices and possible responses and improve shared understanding of the changing legal environment. 
  • GNI also attended several international events and convenings as an opportunity to collectively address these threats. We organized workshops and sessions on key topics such as human rights due diligence, digital rights during conflicts, and meaningful transparency.

Learn more about GNI’s achievements and efforts to protect freedom of expression and privacy in our Annual Report: Navigating A Shifting Digital Landscape.