GNI Welcomes New Members: KICTANet and Susan Morgan

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January 26, 2024  |  Membership, News

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is thrilled to announce that the Kenya Information Communication and Technology Action Network Trust (KICTANet) and Susan Morgan have joined GNI as members.

KICTANet is a multistakeholder think tank for ICT policy and regulation based in Nairobi, Kenya. They have a mission to promote an enabling environment in the ICT sector that is robust, open, accessible, and rights-based through multistakeholder approaches. KICTANet will join GNI’s civil society constituency.

“KICTANet is thrilled to be a part of GNI! At KICTANet, we believe that embracing multistakeholderism can create a world where digital rights are valued, upheld, and honored. By working together internationally, we can make a greater impact for a connected future that respects and protects everyone’s digital rights.”

Susan Morgan specializes in tech and human rights and served as the first Executive Director of GNI between 2010 and 2014. She is joining the academic constituency as an independent expert.


“Having been so involved in GNI’s early years I am delighted now to join the academic constituency and contribute to our work once again. GNI’s vision and mission remain as important as ever.”

In addition to Susan Morgan’s earlier tenure as Executive Director, GNI has also worked closely with KIKTANet through their participation in GNI’s “Emerging Voices Fellowship” program in 2020. GNI also engaged deeply with KIKTANet around GNI’s participation in the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum in Nairobi last year.

“We are really excited about the depth and breadth of expertise that our new members bring to GNI,” said Executive Director Jason Pielemeier. “KIKTANet exemplifies successful multistakeholder engagement that is deeply relevant to the challenges GNI members are working to address.” Jason added that, “we are especially grateful for Susan’s return to GNI, given her background with the organization and ongoing work in the business and human rights field.”

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