GNI Implementation Dialogue – Invite

The GNI is seeing a rapidly growing interest in how the GNI’s Principles and Implementation Guidelines can be adapted for other segments of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Senator Durbin recently sent two letters to ICT companies seeking more information about their approach to human rights, there have been numerous hearings in Congress, and a high level meeting organized by the State Department. This interest has been especially focused on equipment manufacturers, consumer electronics brands, handset manufacturers and the providers of security and filtering services and enterprise management software.

It is in this context that the GNI has established a “GNI Implementation Dialogue” to explore three key questions:

1) What do ICT companies view as their main privacy and freedom of expression risks and opportunities?
2) What do these risks and opportunities reveal about the relevance of the existing GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines?
3) How can the existing GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines be adapted or supplemented to increase their relevance to a wider range of ICT companies?

The GNI has now issued this invitation to a wide selection of ICT companies inviting them to participate in the next meeting of the GNI Implementation Dialogue. The meeting  will take place between 2pm – 5pm Eastern on 20th April in Washington DC, with a videoconference link available to San Francisco.

The meeting will be informed by a discussion document previously published by the GNI that sets out key issues to explore if the GNI’s Principles and Implementation Guidelines are to become relevant for a wider cross section of the ICT industry.

Companies interested in engaging with these important issues through the Implementation Dialogue should email [email protected].

Invitation to GNI Implementation Dialogue [PDF]
Tuesday April 20th, 2pm – 5pm EST Washington DC
Video Conference Available from San Francisco

Discussion Document – Key Issues for GNI Implementation Dialogue