In 2022, InternetLab’s executive director Francisco Brito Cruz was awarded a one-year fellowship by GNI to conduct research on layered moderation systems, questioning whether or not they should exist, and, if yes, what would be their best design and features when seeking to mitigate distortions created by regular content moderation on Internet platforms.

The research project by InternetLab aims at contributing to the public conversation around content moderation within digital platforms. They seek to untangle layered moderation systems, those that bring additional layers of qualified analysis to certain types of content or profiles when determining which pieces of content should remain or be removed from the platforms.

Read preliminary findings from the research on GNI blog

The aim of the research is to present the concept and nuances of layered moderation systems and to issue recommendations aligned with human rights, fairness and transparency, instead of creating privileged bubbles or VIP lists that enjoy different sets of standards when publishing content online due to exclusive business-oriented needs.

This research was supported by the Global Network Initiative through its Emerging Voices Fellowship Program.

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