GNI is delighted to announce that it is continuing to grow, with four organizations becoming new members.

Evoca is a US based company offering cloud based voice recording services for journalists, media companies, marketers, advocates and educators to create, publish and share audio content online with global and internal audiences.

International Media Support (IMS) is an international NGO based in Denmark that works to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition.

The Church of Sweden holds investments of around $760 million that are managed according to principles of responsible investment. Given the Church’s long-standing work on human rights, the intersection between business and human rights has become a natural focus area during corporate dialogues with companies in which the Church holds shares. is a US based NGO that identifies, connects, and supports grassroots digital activists from around the world with training and regional summits and acts an online hub for best practices.

Executive Director, Susan Morgan says “2011 has been an extraordinary year so far, demonstrating in many countries how growing government interest and intervention in information communications technologies places companies in a position where decisions they make can impact the rights of users. We’re delighted to continue to grow GNI’s membership base in this context and extend our geographical reach.”