The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is thrilled to announce that Frontiir, the leading Internet service provider based in Myanmar with two research centers in the U.S., and an office in Singapore, is joining GNI as an observer. During the 12-month observer period Frontiir representatives will participate in GNI’s learning and policy activities.

Frontiir offers affordable digital access and information services through the systematic development of network infrastructure and by optimizing designs for deployment efficiency in both capital and operations cost for both public and private customers. “GNI is an important forum for Frontiir to be able to address requests from the government in terms of censoring content, restricting access to communications services, or providing access to user data,” said Frontiir’s co-founder and chief admin officer, Minn Thein.

“Frontiir’s experience working to promote open access and human rights principles in Myanmar will be very valuable for GNI engagements in other contexts,” said GNI Executive Director, Judith Lichtenberg.

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