The Global Network Initiative is delighted to announce leading Swedish investor Folksam is to join the GNI.  Folksam, with $38 billion in asset under management, will become the first non-founding investor to join the multi-stakeholder organization, expanding the voice of this critical constituency.  Susan Morgan, Executive Director of GNI commented “Investors play a particularly crucial role in GNI by encouraging companies to respect the rights of their users and protect their brands whilst operating in diverse international markets.  It’s great that Folksam will be part of our efforts in the future”.

For Folksam, Carina Lundberg Markow, head of Corporate Governance, said “Internet and telecommunications are used by both companies and individuals and it is therefore essential that human rights are protected and promoted. GNI offers Folksam, as a responsible investor, an opportunity to participate in this process.”  Dawn Wolfe of Boston Common Asset Management, an original member of the GNI, welcomes the addition of Folksam.  “Information and communication technology companies in which we invest are increasingly faced with difficult decisions at the point where operations intersect with human rights.  Adding the voice of a respected and global investor like Folksam to the conversation will help us promote principles of free expression and privacy with companies around the world.”