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Event Report: Multistakeholder Roundtable on India’s Draft Intermediaries Guidelines Amendments

August 13, 2020|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, Publication, reports|

Representatives from civil society, academia, the legal community, ICT companies, and policymakers in India joined a roundtable discussion to examine the Draft Intermediaries Guidelines through the lens of international human rights law, framed by a forthcoming GNI policy brief on content regulation and human rights.

“The Rights Foundation,” Launching the GNI Blog Series on Content Regulation and Human Rights

July 13, 2020|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, op-eds, Publication|

An introduction to the GNI blog series examining government efforts to address online harms around the world. Written by members and close collaborators, the series will provide practical guidance to those seeking to regulate content while upholding human rights.

Content Regulation and Human Rights: Report on a GNI Multistakeholder Roundtable on the Digital Services Act

June 25, 2020|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, Publication|

On June 4, 2020, GNI hosted a multistakeholder roundtable discussion to examine key provisions of the anticipated European Union Digital Services Act through the lens of international human rights law. Held under Chatham House Rule, the online event was attended by nearly 70 guests, including EU policymakers and experts from academia, civil society, and ICT companies. Read more in the event report.   

Companies Must Defend Digital Rights in the COVID-19 Era

June 5, 2020|feature, op-eds, Publication|

In the Op-Ed "Companies Must Defend Digital Rights in the COVID-19 Era," published by Project Syndicate on June 4, 2020, GNI Independent Board Chair, Mark Stephens CBE outlines some valuable lessons from the most recent GNI assessments on how to navigate evolving government pressures on technology companies. He reflects on [...]

GNI Submission on Draft Amendments to Intermediary Guidelines in India

January 31, 2019|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, Publication|

GNI is concerned the amendments, as drafted, would place significant pressure on a wide range of ICT companies to monitor Indian users’ activities, remove content, and hand over data in ways that could unnecessarily and inappropriately impact users’ freedom of expression and privacy.

GNI Statement on Europe’s Proposed Regulation on Preventing the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online

January 15, 2019|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, Publication|

As drafted, the proposed European regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content could unintentionally harm users’ rights and undermine legitimate efforts to document and counter extremists’ online activity.
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GNI Welcomes Facebook’s Publication of its Human Rights Impact Assessment in Myanmar

November 7, 2018|media releases, Publication|

GNI welcomes Facebook’s full publication of an independent report assessing the human rights impacts of the company in Myanmar, formerly Burma, where some estimated 20 million of the 50 million population are Facebook users. Facebook commissioned Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability, to [...]

GNI Provides Feedback on European Commission’s Proposal on Requests to Access Electronic Evidence Across Borders

July 24, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, Publication, Resources, Uncategorized|

GNI recognizes that the Commission's proposal on requests to access electronic evidence across borders may expedite legitimate law enforcement investigations, but implementation also raises potential risks for users' rights. Read our recommendations

GNI Submission to UK Government Consultation: “The Internet: to regulate or not to regulate?”

July 13, 2018|Publication, Resources|

GNI-Evidence-UK-Select-Committee-Communications-May-2018 In April 2018, the U.K. Select Committee launched a public inquiry titled "The Internet: to regulate or not to regulate?" in order to explore "how Internet regulation could be improved, including through better self-regulation and governance, and whether a new regulatory framework for the Internet is necessary or whether the [...]

New Report! Disconnected: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Network Disruptions

May 30, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions, Publication, reports, Resources|

Authored by former policy fellow Jan Rydzak, the report presents a wealth of data relevant to both researchers and activists, including identifying over 100 instances of deliberate network disruption worldwide in 2017, and provides recommendations for all stakeholders to respond.

GNI Submits Comments to the European Commission’s Consultation on “Improving Cross-Border Access to Electronic Evidence in Criminal Matters”

October 30, 2017|Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, media releases, Publication|

GNI Submission - EC Cross-Border Evidence Consultation On Friday, October 27, GNI submitted comments to the European Commission's consultation on "improving cross-border access to electronic evidence in criminal matters," emphasizing the importance of rights-respecting legal procedures to the maintenance of the open, interoperable Internet. The Commission's consultation is part of [...]

The Consequences of Network Shutdowns and Service Disruptions: A One-page Guide for Policymakers

July 18, 2017|Issues, media releases, network disruptions, Publication|

The Global Network Initiative today launched “Weighing the Impact of Network Shutdowns and Service Restrictions — Considerations for Policymakers,” a one-page guide aimed at governments who may consider mandating disruptions of communications networks services and online platforms. The one-page guide is available in Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Farsi, [...]

Comments on European Commission Draft ICT Sector Guidance on Business and Human Rights

February 14, 2013|media releases, Publication, Resources|

GNI Comments on EC Draft ICT Sector Guidance The Global Network Initiative (GNI) welcomes the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry project to develop guidance on the corporate responsibility to respect human rights in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. We appreciate the opportunity to provide comments on the draft [...]