Intermediary Liability & Content Regulation

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“Intermediary liability” describes the allocation of legal responsibility to content providers of all kinds for regulated categories of content. The presumption against governments imposing intermediary liability on online platforms for user-generated content on the platforms encourages user free expression, as well as platform innovation, and is often credited with facilitating the tremendous expansion of internet and mobile communications networks across the world.

GNI seeks to preserve and expand free-expression protections for individuals by protecting intermediaries throughout the ICT value-chain against liability for the speech of their users. Since 2009, GNI has issued numerous statements highlighting the importance of intermediary protections, engaged in open government consultations, and called attention to and expressed concern about problematic laws, policies, and actions in a number of countries and contexts.

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The Global Network Initiative Supports Argentina’s Draft Intermediary Liability Law

July 27, 2018|feature, intermediary liability, issues highlight, media releases, News|

Argentina's draft law on the responsibility of Internet intermediaries would serve as an important benchmark regionally and globally, facilitating innovation & investment and fostering Freedom of Expression online. GNI encourages the Chamber of Deputies to pass it into law as drafted.
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GNI Welcomes Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression to the Human Rights Council

June 1, 2018|feature, intermediary liability, issues highlight|

Special Rapporteur David Kaye issued a report to the Human Rights Council on the regulation of user-generated content online. GNI submitted input to this report, and the recommendations for companies included elements of the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines.

GNI Provides Input for UN Report on “Content Regulation in the Digital Age”

December 20, 2017|intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, media releases|

GNI Submission for SR Report on Content Regulation Today the Global Network Initiative submitted input to the UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, for his report on content regulation in the digital age. The report will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in [...]
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GNI Joins a Panel on Extremism and the Internet with UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd

November 14, 2017|intermediary liability, media releases|

At the New America Foundation on Thursday, November 9, GNI Policy Director Jason Pielemeier participated in “An Evening with the Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, U.K. Home Secretary,” a panel discussion on the challenges around extremist groups’ continued use of online platforms and the role of the private sector in [...]

GNI Hosts Closed Roundtable in London on Intermediary Liability

October 10, 2017|events, intermediary liability, Issues|

In London on October 6, 2017, GNI convened a range of relevant stakeholders for "Addressing the Message and Protecting the Medium." The closed roundtable discussion explored the impact of laws and policies addressing online extremism and hate speech, assessing the risks and opportunities for security, economies, and human rights, with [...]

Proposed German Legislation Threatens Free Expression Around the World

April 20, 2017|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

April 20, 2017 – AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS/LONDON/WASHINGTON DC – The Global Network Initiative is deeply concerned by the “Draft Law to Improve Law Enforcement in Social Networks” (Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz) approved by the German cabinet on April 5. GNI is mindful of the complex challenges that governments and companies face when dealing with controversial [...]

GNI Briefs the U.S. Helsinki Commission on Internet Freedom

March 4, 2016|events, intermediary liability, Issues, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, media releases, network disruptions, surveillance|

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, GNI Director of Policy and Learning Lisl Brunner presented to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (U.S. Helsinki Commission) at a briefing titled “Internet Freedom in the Age of Dictators and Terrorists.”

Turkish Internet Legislation Threatens Free Expression and Privacy Rights

January 22, 2014|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

Update: Turkey’s parliament passed the legislation on Wednesday February 5, 2014. GNI urges Turkish President Abdullah Gül to veto the bill. The Global Network Initiative is greatly concerned by legislation under consideration in Turkey that if passed, would loosen already troubling standards for blocking of online content and require Internet service providers (ISPs) to [...]

New Report Calls for Transparency from Governments and Telecommunications Companies

July 24, 2013|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases, network disruptions, reports, surveillance|

Report Executive Summary available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. Washington, DC — The human rights obligations of telecommunications companies are in the global spotlight in the wake of recent reports about national security-related communications surveillance. Companies committed to respecting free expression and privacy rights should take this opportunity to work with governments to increase [...]
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GNI Responds to European Commission Consultations

October 10, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases, Resources|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) has submitted comments to the European Commission on two recent consultations relevant to freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. Procedures for Notifying and Acting on Illegal Content Hosted by Online Intermediaries GNI Comments on EU Notice and Action GNI responded to the consultation on [...]

Collaborating on Controversial Content and Difficult Decisions

September 25, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) condemns the recent violence associated with protests around the world against an inflammatory film insulting to Islam. GNI’s Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy aim to guide responsible decisions by companies when facing requests or demands from governments. But private companies also make decisions about removing [...]

Op-Ed: Responding to India’s Internet Clampdown

August 30, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, op-eds|

This op-ed was distributed by Global India Newswire and originally appeared on the International Business Times: Responding to India’s Internet Clampdown By Susan Morgan and David Sullivan WASHINGTON: Last week, the Indian government missed an opportunity to show the world the right way to handle social media in a time of crisis. With [...]

Russian Internet Legislation Merits Greater Scrutiny Before Passage

July 10, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is concerned that a legislative proposal under active consideration by the Russian Duma will curb freedom of expression online. The draft bill, Law 89417-6, which is due to have its second reading in the State Duma on July 11, would create a list of prohibited [...]

Wall Street Journal Asia Op-Ed: “Thailand Stifles the Internet”

June 7, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases, op-eds|

This op-ed by GNI Independent Chair Jermyn Brooks originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal Asia:  The Thai government bought one million tablet computers last month to distribute to students across the country. This ambitious "one tablet per child" policy, one of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's campaign promises, is the largest [...]

GNI Statement on Thai Court Conviction

May 31, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is troubled by the conviction of Chiranuch Premchaiporn, webmaster of the online forum Prachathai, under Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act for not moving quickly enough to remove content posted by users. Her conviction illustrates the serious harm that occurs when companies are held liable for content uploaded [...]

Global Network Initiative Concerned by Government of Vietnam’s Proposed Internet Decree

May 23, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, media releases|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is deeply concerned by the free speech and privacy implications of the Government of Vietnam’s Draft Decree on Internet Services, draft legislation which, if made into law, would oblige Internet companies and other providers of information to Internet users in Vietnam to cooperate with the [...]

OECD Intermediary Liability Workshop

June 21, 2010|intermediary liability, Issues|

GNI Statement for OECD Workshop on Intermediary Liability Intermediary Liability: Balancing creativity, ICT development, and the free flow of information with other policy objectives – Susan Morgan International law enshrines core human rights principles and forms the basis of the Principles of the Global Network Initiative (GNI). It is the [...]

Reflecting on Google in Italy (and beyond): Implications for Online Privacy and Freedom of Expression in the Internet Age

March 10, 2010|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

The Italian court decision to hold three Google executives criminally liable for privacy violations raises important questions for human rights and for the technology industry. Privacy and freedom of expression are fundamental rights. How to best to align policies that protect both these rights is an issue that warrants broad [...]

GNI Identifies Intermediary Liability for Carriers and Platforms for User Generated Content as a Key Issue for Business and Public Policy

August 19, 2009|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases|

When companies are held liable for content uploaded or sent by users, freedom of expression can suffer. Collaborative efforts should help advance policy solutions that better protect fundamental rights to expression and access to information. The Global Network Initiative (GNI) believes that freedom of opinion and expression is a human [...]