Observer Status

GNI invites a limited number of companies who are actively considering joining GNI and interested in learning more about its approach to advancing privacy and freedom of expression, to apply for observer status. Observer status is nonrenewable. Observers will not be granted to an organization more than once. Observer status has a duration of 12 months.

Companies who are granted observer status will have the opportunity to learn how GNI’s Principles are implemented and see up close how the organization works. As an observer, a company can participate in GNI committees and events, including:

  • GNI’s policy and learning committees;
  • policy and learning sessions around GNI board meetings;
  • an annual multi-stakeholder learning forum; and
  • learning calls.

In addition, observers can benefit from regular engagement with the GNI’s diverse constituencies and network members.

GNI annual member fees for companies are based on a sliding scale according to revenue. The observer status fee will be a percentage of the cost of annual membership.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to be an observer, follow these steps:

Step 1 – A statement of intent

Please send a statement of intent from a senior member of your organization to [email protected] outlining:

  • Your interest in pursuing observer status with GNI.
  • How our work relates to your organization.
  • Your commitment to the confidential nature of the discussions within GNI.
  • Your commitment to describe your organization as an observer of GNI and not a participant or member.

Please also include relevant information about your organization, such as annual reports, and other explanatory materials.

Step 2 – A detailed conversation

Once we have received your statement of intent, we will contact you to discuss observer status in more detail.

Step 3 – The decision by the GNI Board

The decision whether or not to grant GNI observer status to a company is based on several factors. After consultation with our current members and conversations with you, the Executive Director will present your application to the GNI Board. Granting observer status requires approval by vote of the GNI Board.

Step 4 – Notification of the GNI Board’s decision

You will be contacted by the Executive Director about the GNI Board’s decision.