Board of Directors

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The GNI Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction and fiduciary operations of the initiative. The GNI Board is composed of ten representatives from companies, five from civil society organizations, two from the academic community, two from the investor community, and an Independent Chair. There is one additional seat for an academic or investor representative, alternating between the two constituencies every 18 months. Each Board member also designates an alternate Board member from within its organization or constituency.

The following members currently serve on the GNI Board:

Independent Chair
Mark Stephens, CBE

ICT Companies

Lewis Segall, Google
Andrew O’Connell, Facebook
Steve Crown, Microsoft/LinkedIn
Nicole Karlebach, Oath
Yves Nissim, Orange
Oezlem Decker, Nokia
Sidsela Nyebak, Telenor Group
Patrik Hiselius, Telia Company
Laura Okkonen, Vodafone Group

Civil Society Organizations

Cynthia Wong, Human Rights Watch
Robert Mahoney, Committee to Protect Journalists
Greg Nojeim, Center for Democracy & Technology
Jodie Ginsberg, Index on Censorship
Kat Duffy, Internews

Academics and Academic Organizations

Jessica Fjeld, Berkman Klein Center
Meg Roggensack, Georgetown University (Independent)
K.S. Park, Korea University Law School (Independent)


Bennett Freeman, EIRIS Conflict Risk Network
There is currently a vacant board seat for the investor constituency

The Following members serve as Alternate Board Members:

ICT Company Alternates  

Alex Warofka, Facebook
Alexandria Walden, Google
Bernard Shen, Microsoft/LinkedIn
Phillip Maloch, Telia Company
Christoph Steck, Telefónica
Mai Olgard, Telenor Group
Silvia Garrigo, Millicom
Justine Harris, Vodafone Group

Civil Society Organization Alternates

Arvind Ganesan, Human Rights Watch
Emma Llansó, Center for Democracy & Technology
Farieha Aziz, Bolo Bhi
Elonnai Hickok, Centre for Internet and Society
Andreas Reventlow, International Media Support

Academic Alternates

Molly Land, UConn Human Rights Institute
Arturo Carrillo, The George Washington University Law School

Investor Alternate

Sara Nordbrand, Church of Sweden