Accredited Assessors from 2010-2020

KPMG AG is a 100 percent directly owned subsidiary of KPMG Holding AG, the Swiss member firm of KPMG’s global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory Services. The global KPMG network consists of approximately 200,000 employees working in 154 countries and territories. Privacy, data protection, sustainability, corporate responsibility and compliance are key areas for which KPMG provides advice and assessments to clients around the world. KPMG AG is an accredited assessor since the very first independent GNI assessments were performed in 2011 and has been part of the evolving assessment process. KPMG AG’s core team has a multidisciplinary background, combining in-depth ICT-sector knowledge with relevant subject matter expertise. The team draws from extensive experience in independently and efficiently assessing a company’s efforts to implement the GNI Principles. KPMG AG enhances a GNI member’s credibility by providing insights and critical feedback in order to further improve its ambitions to respect freedom of expression and privacy rights in its interactions with customers, governments and society.