About Us

ICT companies increasingly face pressure by governments to act in ways that may impact the fundamental human rights of privacy and freedom of expression.  To help navigate those challenges, GNI does four key things:


Provides a framework for companies, rooted in international standards


Ensures accountability of ICT sector companies through independent assessment


Enables opportunities for policy engagement 

Creates shared learning opportunities across stakeholder boundaries  


Board of Directors
Meet the GNI Board of Directors.

Meet the GNI staff.

Membership Information
Here are the steps to follow to join GNI.

Governance Charter
The Charter establishes a governance structure and defines key organizational elements of the Global Network Initiative. The Charter describes how the GNI will be governed in order to ensure integrity, accountability, relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact.

Independent Assessments
Information about GNI's independent assessment process for company participants. 

Conflict of Interest Policy

Fundraising Policy

Review GNI's Form 990.


All documentation relating to GNI's nonprofit status is available for inspection at our office.