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Over a dozen years ago, a group of academic experts, ICT companies, human rights and press freedom groups, and responsible investors recognized the need to collectively protect digital rights in the face of increasing pressures to comply with legal requirements for censorship and disclosure of personal information.

These conversations culminated with the launch of the GNI Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy (“the Principles”) in October 2008. The Principles are a framework for multistakeholder collaboration to resist governments that seek to enlist companies in acts that violate international law.

To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the launch of the Principles, we launched “10 Years, 10 Insights,” where ten authors, including founding members and critical actors in the global digital rights space, reflect on this milestone for freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector.

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“GNI: A Journey of Trust and Making Common Cause” by founding GNI Board member Michael Samway

“Why Joining GNI is Part of Paradigm Initiative’s Success Story” by Paradigm Initiative Executive Director ‘Gbenga Sesan

“The Multistakeholder Global Network Initiative: Watch the Story Unfold” by GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg

“Over-estimating Technological Solutions and Underestimating the Political Moment?” by UNESCO Director of Freedom of Expression and Media Development Guy Berger

“Innovation in Business and Human Rights: The Role of GNI” by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Managing Director Dunstan Allison-Hope

“Celebrating 10 Years of Raising the Voice of Freedom of Expression” by Telia Company Senior Advisor Digital Rights Patrik Hiselius, LL.B

“The Global Network Initiative: Past, Present, and Future” by Georgetown University, Professor Leslie Harris

“A Cooperative Approach to Protecting Online Rights by Both Governments and Companies” by Centre for Internet and Society Chief Operating Officer Elonnai Hickok

Shaping Global Norms by Promoting Rights-Respecting Practices in the ICT Sector” by Meg Roggensack of Georgetown University and the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable