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GNI Oral Input: UN Global Digital Compact Zero Draft

April 30, 2024

GNI thanks the co-facilitators for their efforts in drafting an action-oriented... Read more >

GNI Input on NETmundial+10 Consultation

April 15, 2024

GNI's submission identifies how NETmundial+10 can influence support for multistakeholderism in this year of significant developments in digital... Read more >

Statements: UN Global Digital Compact Informal Consultations

March 11, 2024

At the core of GNI’s mission, governance, and work is a commitment to the inclusion of a broad diversity of voices and... Read more >

GNI Input on WSIS+20 Forum High Level Event, IGF 2024

February 7, 2024

GNI’s submissions emphasized the value of multistakeholder engagement, especially from the Global Majority... Read more >

GNI’s Comments on UNESCO’s Guidelines for Regulating Digital Platforms

July 2, 2023

GNI, and its members, have shared procedural and substantive analysis on UNESCO's guidelines for a "multistakeholder approach in the context of... Read more >

GNI Submission to the Global Digital Compact Consultation

May 1, 2023

GNI and its members are pleased to be able to share core principles and commitments we hope to see reflected in the Global Digital... Read more >

Privacy and Artificial Intelligence: GNI Input to UN Human Rights Thematic Report

May 28, 2021

GNI welcomes this opportunity to provide input to UN Human Rights on the preparation of the thematic report on artificial intelligence and the right... Read more >

“What Next for Advocacy Against Network Disruptions?” by Learning and Development Director David Sullivan

November 29, 2018

"We need to marshal a much broader movement, one including the media, labor unions, and a wider set of sectors, to demonstrate the consequences of... Read more >

GNI Publishes Updates to the Core Commitments of our Membership

March 20, 2017

In accordance with GNI’s Governance Charter, and following extensive deliberations and consultations, GNI is pleased to publish updates we have... Read more >

GNI Workshop at 2016 IGF: Inclusive Responses to Intentional Internet Disruptions

December 10, 2016

The workshop used breakout groups to facilitate detailed discussions of three topics pertaining to shutdowns: connections to elections and moments of... Read more >

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