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Responding to Online Extremism Without Harming Free Speech and Privacy

Tech companies and human rights experts offer collective recommendations to address online content that is allegedly extremist in nature. November 30, 2016|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases, Publication, reports|

​New Report Reveals the Economic Costs of Internet Shutdowns

Governments who disrupt the Internet could be shaving off 1.9 percent of their daily GDP. Read more for the full report. October 27, 2016|Issues, media releases, network disruptions, reports|

The Global Network Initiative Releases Public Report on the 2015/16 Independent Assessments of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Yahoo

GNI has released new recommendations for governments and tech companies to protect user rights when they address content alleged to be extremist or terrorist. July 7, 2016|media releases, reports|


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GNI Provides Input to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Privacy in the Digital Age

GNI outlined the relevant provisions of the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines that address privacy and suggested they may serve as models for the “principles, standards and best practices” that the Office of the High Commissioner is seeking to develop. May 3, 2018|Issues, issues highlight, Publication, surveillance|
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Event Report: GNI & UNESCO host Improving the Communications and Information Ecosystem to Protect the Integrity of Elections

GNI and UNESCO partnered for two feature sessions: “network availability, security and integrity around elections,” and "enhancing quality of information and elections.” April 23, 2018|events, network disruptions, Publication|
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GNI Submits Comments to the European Commission’s Consultation on “Improving Cross-Border Access to Electronic Evidence in Criminal Matters”

GNI Submission - EC Cross-Border Evidence Consultation On Friday, October 27, GNI submitted comments to [...] October 30, 2017|Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, media releases, Publication|

Op-Eds and Commentary

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Getting Specific About Transparency, Privacy, and Free Expression Online

Amid the contentious global debates about privacy and surveillance since the Snowden revelations, few proposed reforms have attracted more consensus than calls for greater transparency. November 5, 2014|Issues, media releases, op-eds, surveillance|
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GNI Responds to GCHQ in the Financial Times

In reaction to the Financial Times op-ed by Richard Hannigan, Director of GCHQ, GNI Board Chair Mark Stephens wrote this letter to the editor, "Need to intrude must be demonstrated, not merely asserted" published November 5. November 5, 2014|Issues, media releases, op-eds, surveillance|

Op-Ed: Privacy Since Snowden

A year has passed since the American former intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden began revealing the massive scope of Internet surveillance by the US National Security Agency. June 18, 2014|Issues, media releases, op-eds, surveillance|


GNI Joins Coalition Letter to Senate regarding Section 603 of Intelligence Authorization Act

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) joined human rights and civil liberties organizations and trade associations to convey its concerns with a provision in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (S. 1705) in a coalition letter to Senate. August 4, 2015|Issues, Letter, media releases, surveillance|

GNI Joins Coalition Letter on Surveillance Reform

The Global Network Initiative joined a coalition letter signed by members of Congress, former government officials, civil society organizations and companies to urge the Obama Administration to reform surveillance practices under Executive Order 12333. September 30, 2014|Issues, Letter, media releases, surveillance|

Open Letter to UK Prime Minister on the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill

We urge reconsideration of the fast-track timeline of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill to provide adequate opportunity for Parliamentary scrutiny and public debate. July 14, 2014|Issues, Jurisdictional Assertions & Limits, Letter, media releases, surveillance|

Legal Frameworks

The GNI Country Legal Frameworks Resource (CLFR) is a detailed set of resources for academics, rights advocates, and others that explore the legal environment affecting freedom of expression and privacy in countries around the world.


PROVISION OF REAL-TIME LAWFUL INTERCEPTION ASSISTANCE CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE The Code of Criminal Procedure [...] March 20, 2018|legal frameworks|

United Kingdom

PROVISION OF REAL-TIME INTERCEPTION ASSISTANCE REGULATION OF INVESTIGATORY POWERS ACT 2000 The Regulation of Investigatory [...] March 15, 2018|legal frameworks|


PROVISION OF REAL-TIME LAWFUL INTERCEPTION ASSISTANCE THE TURKISH CONSTITUTION Article 22 of the Turkish Constitution [...] March 15, 2018|legal frameworks|
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