R3D announcement (en español)

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is pleased to announce that the civil society organization Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D) has become a GNI member. In 2017, R3D participated in GNI as a GNI-Internews Fellow.

Based in Mexico City, R3D is focused on defending human rights in the digital realm through a combination of applied research, advocacy, and strategic litigation. R3D’s impact cuts across themes related to privacy, surveillance, freedom of expression, access to the Internet, and access to knowledge.

“As a civil society organization founded with a human rights-centered approach, R3D is fully committed to the protection and advancement of freedom of expression and privacy in the digital environment; R3D commits to support the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines, to contribute to advance the mission of GNI as a space for collective action and leadership on issues related to freedom of expression, as well as to support other member companies and organizations to take ownership of the GNI Principles,” said Luis Fernando Garcia, Executive Director of R3D.

As part of their work, R3D works collaboratively with other civil society organizations at national and international levels on evidence-based advocacy efforts. In 2017, R3D in collaboration with Citizen Lab and Article 19 exposed the use of malware against journalists, political opponents, and human rights defenders in Mexico – making international headlines.

“Our work in Latin America and other regions will greatly benefit from R3D’s expertise, particularly around surveillance. R3D’s membership demonstrates GNI’s continued expansion in the Global South,” said Judith Lichtenberg, GNI Executive Director.

To learn more about R3D, click here. To learn more about GNI’s members, click here.