GNI Submission: Privacy and Artificial Intelligence (PDF)

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) welcomes this opportunity to provide input to UN Human Rights on the preparation of the thematic report on artificial intelligence and the right to privacy, as requested in HRC resolution 42/15 on “The right to privacy in the digital age.”

In our submission, we walk through the risks and opportunities for the privacy and other human rights as a result of the growing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, as well as recommended safeguards and legal and regulatory considerations to protect and promote the right to privacy. We demonstrate how the GNI Principles and Implementation guidelines can offer a framework for companies to provide and utilize AI technologies in rights-respecting manner. As governments continue to expand upon the tools and tactics used for accessing user data, including through the use of AI, we walk through specific safeguards that should be in place for AI-enabled government surveillance activities. Read more in the full submission.