Op-Ed: Tech Companies Should be Allowed to Disclose Government Requests

November 13, 2013|Issues, media releases, op-eds, surveillance|

This piece by GNI Independent Chair Jermyn Brooks and Policy & Communications Director David Sullivan originally appeared at Guardian Sustainable Business: The disclosure of secret documents detailing massive government surveillance programs has triggered an outcry around the globe. The bulk collection of US call records and revelations about secret orders that [...]

ThinkProgress: How To Bring More Transparency To U.S. Surveillance Programs

July 3, 2013|Issues, media releases, op-eds, surveillance|

This piece by GNI Policy and Communications Director David Sullivan originally appeared on ThinkProgress: There is no shortage of divergent views about the once secret NSA surveillance programs former contractor Edward Snowden allegedly leaked. But there is one point on which even the fiercest critics and staunchest defenders of national security communications surveillance seem to [...]

GNI in Slate: Network Shutdowns Go Beyond Syria

May 10, 2013|Issues, media releases, network disruptions, op-eds|

This piece by David Sullivan originally appeared on Slate's Future Tense blog:  On May 7 at 3 p.m., for the second time in six months, Syria’s connection to the global Internet was severed. Web traffic in and out of Syria dropped to zero, according to several monitoring companies and the Google traffic report. [...]

International Herald Tribune Op-Ed: “Hands Off the Internet!”

December 6, 2012|media releases, op-eds|

This op-ed by GNI Independent Chair Jermyn Brooks originally appeared in the International Herald Tribune, the Global Edition of the New York Times, on December 6, 2012. A chorus of human rights groups, diplomats, companies and technologists has achieved something remarkable. They are shining a media spotlight on the most boring international [...]

Jermyn Brooks: Business and Human Rights in the Digital Era

November 21, 2012|media releases, op-eds, Resources|

GNI Independent Chair Jermyn Brooks has authored a contribution to the Internet & Society Co:llaboratory Discussion Paper on Human Rights and Internet Governance. The article responds to a proposition by Shirin Ebadi, winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize.  New technologies have played a catalytic role in support of democratic aspirations in the [...]

Op-Ed: Responding to India’s Internet Clampdown

August 30, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, op-eds|

This op-ed was distributed by Global India Newswire and originally appeared on the International Business Times: Responding to India’s Internet Clampdown By Susan Morgan and David Sullivan WASHINGTON: Last week, the Indian government missed an opportunity to show the world the right way to handle social media in a time of crisis. With [...]

Wall Street Journal Asia Op-Ed: “Thailand Stifles the Internet”

June 7, 2012|intermediary liability, Issues, media releases, op-eds|

This op-ed by GNI Independent Chair Jermyn Brooks originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal Asia:  The Thai government bought one million tablet computers last month to distribute to students across the country. This ambitious "one tablet per child" policy, one of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's campaign promises, is the largest [...]

GNI in Financial Times: “Collaborating over Human Rights”

November 2, 2011|media releases, op-eds|

In reaction to a column by Michael Skapinker in the Financial Times, GNI Executive Director Susan Morgan wrote this letter to the editor, "Collaborating over Human Rights:" Sir, Michael Skapinker (“Business needs a world view of its own,” October 27) makes a salient point about the risks faced by companies, especially [...]