ICT companies face an increasing number of orders from governments around the world seeking to restrict access to services and disrupt networks. These blunt orders often occur during politically charged contexts, such as protests or elections, making non-compliance challenging and increasing their likely human rights impacts.

GNI believes such drastic measures almost always violate the principles of proportionality and necessity, and our framework helps companies push for greater transparency and accountability around such activities. Given the impacts that disruptions have on telecommunications and internet companies, as well as on media freedom and human rights, GNI provides an important forum for fostering collaboration across key constituencies on this troubling trend.

GNI’s positions on network disruptions are outlined in our seminal, 2016 statement on network restrictions. Building off of this statement, GNI has developed a one-page guide for policymakers on network disruptions – now available in ten languages – which highlights the wide variety of harms that such disruptions can cause to human rights, economic activity, public safety and emergency services, among others. GNI also released an important report in October 2016 titled, “The Economic Impact of Disruptions to Internet Connectivity,” which sets out a framework for measuring the costs of shutdowns in terms of the daily gross domestic product lost in countries with varying levels of Internet connectivity.

New Report! Disconnected: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Network Disruptions

May 30, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions, Publication, reports, Resources|

Authored by former policy fellow Jan Rydzak, the report presents a wealth of data relevant to both researchers and activists, including identifying over 100 instances of deliberate network disruption worldwide in 2017, and provides recommendations for all stakeholders to respond.

Disruptions of Social Media Platforms in Sri Lanka

March 8, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions|

The Global Network Initiative is closely monitoring reports that access to social media and messaging platforms in Sri Lanka has been widely disrupted. These disruptions follow religious rioting and related violence and the imposition of a state of emergency. GNI recognizes the government of Sri Lanka’s duty [...]

GNI Welcomes Pakistan Court Decision on Network Disruptions

February 28, 2018|feature, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions|

The Global Network Initiative welcomes Monday's decision by the Islamabad High Court declaring shutdowns of mobile networks on the pretext of security illegal throughout the country unless they are accompanied by a presidential proclamation of emergency. According to GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg, “The Decision by the High [...]

GNI Condemns Network Disruptions Amidst Protests in Iran

January 10, 2018|feature, Issues, media releases, network disruptions|

The Global Network Initiative is deeply concerned about restrictions on internet and messaging services that occurred during recent nationwide protests in Iran. On December 31, 2017, Iranian authorities blocked access to the messaging service Telegram and photo-sharing service Instagram in order to “maintain peace,” according [...]

The Consequences of Network Shutdowns and Service Disruptions: A One-page Guide for Policymakers

July 18, 2017|Issues, media releases, network disruptions, Publication|

The Global Network Initiative today launched “Weighing the Impact of Network Shutdowns and Service Restrictions — Considerations for Policymakers,” a one-page guide aimed at governments who may consider mandating disruptions of communications networks services and online platforms. The one-page guide is available in Amharic, [...]

GNI Co-Hosts Network Disruptions Learning Call with Freedom Online Coalition and Access Now

July 7, 2017|Issues, media releases, network disruptions|

On 27 June, the Global Network Initiative Now co-hosted a learning call on government-sponsored intentional network disruptions alongside the Freedom Online Coalition and AccessNow. GNI sought feedback on our one-page brief, “Weighing the Impact of Network Shutdowns and Service Restrictions,” to be launched next week. We [...]

GNI Welcomes UN Expert’s Report on Free Expression and the Digital Access Industry

June 13, 2017|Issues, media releases, network disruptions, surveillance|

The Global Network Initiative welcomes the 2017 report to the UN Human Rights Council presented by UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression David Kaye. The report is a timely warning on the escalating threats to digital expression and Internet freedom, including increasing [...]

GNI Welcomes Freedom Online Coalition Joint Statement on State-Sponsored Network Disruptions

April 5, 2017|Issues, media releases, network disruptions|

The Global Network Initiative welcomes the Joint Statement and accompanying Good Practices for Governments on State-Sponsored Network Disruptions issued by the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC). In its statement, the partnership of 30 governments working to advance internet freedom “expresses deep concern over the growing trend of intentional state-sponsored disruptions of access to [...]
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