Headshot of Dr. Richard Dansbury

Richard Danbury

Dr Danbury is an academic lawyer, a journalist and a former practicing barrister. He directs the MA in investigative journalism at City, University of London, is the BBC’s advanced law trainer, and is on the Scott Trust Review Panel, the body that oversees content-related complaints about The Guardian newspaper.

His undergraduate degree is in philosophy from Cambridge University, and his doctorate in media law is from Oxford University. He then undertook post-doctoral research back at Cambridge into copyright and news. He continues to research in the area of international and comparative media law and freedom of speech law. He is an expert at Columbia University’s Global Freedom of Expression project, has consulted for the Council of Europe and the International Senior Lawyers’ Projects in relation to teaching Freedom of Expression law in the Balkans, and to the OSCE and the East-West Management Institute in relation to the teaching of journalism.

Joined: 2016