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The Global Network Initiative (GNI) was launched in 2008. Our mission is to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy rights in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector by setting a global standard for responsible decision making and serving as a multistakeholder voice in the face of government restrictions and demands. GNI members include ICT companies, civil society organizations (including human rights and press freedom groups), academics, academic institutions, and investors from around the world.


NEWS & MEDIA RELEASES (in chronological order)

Request for Proposals: Research on Emerging Regulation on Corporate Human Rights Risk Assessment/Due Diligence

November 22, 2022|feature, media releases|

Overview The Global Network Initiative (GNI) was established in 2008, bringing together information and communication technology (ICT) companies, civil society organizations, academics, and investors working to enhance respect for freedom of expression and privacy in the face of government pressures, restrictions, and demands. GNI’s approach is reflected in the GNI [...]

GNI Job Opportunity: Senior Membership Learning Associate

November 13, 2022|feature, media releases|

We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you! The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is an international multistakeholder group of Internet and telecommunications companies, civil society organizations (including human rights and press freedom groups), investors and academics, who have created a collaborative approach to protect and advance freedom of expression and [...]

GNI Seeks Consultant For Multistakeholder Policy Engagement Project Evaluation

November 2, 2022|feature, media releases|

Overview GNI is seeking a consultant with significant experience in evaluating and reviewing human rights and advocacy programs for Civil Society Organizations especially those funded by US donors to undertake an independent evaluation of its five-year project, Sustaining Multi-stakeholder Networks for Internet Freedom (SuNI). Launched in 2018, originally as the [...]

Summary: GNI 2022 Annual Learning Forum “Taking Due Diligence Out of the Box”

October 25, 2022|events, feature, media releases|

PDF of summary here By Elizabeth Whatcott As human rights due diligence frameworks for the ICT sector proliferate around the globe, GNI convened its Annual Learning Forum on September 27, 2022 to share tools, resources, and expertise on due diligence for the ICT industry. Entitled “Taking Due Diligence Out of [...]

GNI And GPD Launch Guide to Support Civil Society Engagement With Tech Sector

October 18, 2022|events, feature, media releases|

The Global Network Initiative (GNI) and Global Partners Digital (GPD) have launched a new guide to support civil society organisations in engaging with the tech sector around issues affecting human rights. Engaging Tech Companies on Human Rights: A How-To Guide for Civil Society is structured in three parts: Part I identifies and explains the [...]

GNI Submits Analysis on Industry Codes Pursuant to Australia

October 4, 2022|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight|

Full Submission (PDF) GNI welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the industry codes recently published for comment pursuant to the Online Safety Act. GNI’s global and multistakeholder membership is closely following developments in Australia, in no small part because of the important role that Australia plays as a model [...]

GNI Submits Analysis on Industry Codes Pursuant to Australia

October 4, 2022|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight|

In our submission, we emphasize that international human rights law should always be at the center of company and government decisions related to freedom of expression, including during times of conflict. In particular, regulators should limit and clarify circumstances where proactive detection of harmful content is required.

GNI Condemns Protest Violence, Internet Restrictions in Iran

October 3, 2022|feature, Issues, issues highlight, network disruptions|

GNI condemns the Iranian government’s apparent efforts to stifle freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, including through disruption of information and communication technologies. We call on the government to lift restrictions and censorship measures in online and offline spaces.

GNI Welcomes New Additions to Staff

September 24, 2022|feature, media releases|

The GNI is pleased to announce new additions to our staff. Long time GNI member and former Board representative Elonnai Hickok will be joining as GNI's Managing Director. Elonnai has contributed to the advancement of human and digital rights in technology and policy for over a decade and has developed research [...]

September 16, 2022|events, feature, media releases|

GNI Annual Learning Forum 2022: Taking Due Diligence Out of the Box – RSVP by Sept 27 2022 GNI Annual Learning Forum Date: Friday, September 30, 2022. Time: 9am-12 pm ET In person: Hilton Garden Inn, 815 14th St NW, Washington, DC [...]