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The Global Network Initiative (GNI) was launched in 2008. Our mission is to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy rights in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector by setting a global standard for responsible decision making and serving as a multistakeholder voice in the face of government restrictions and demands. GNI members include ICT companies, civil society organizations (including human rights and press freedom groups), academics, academic institutions, and investors from around the world.


NEWS & MEDIA RELEASES (in chronological order)

GNI Statement of Concern on Proposed Cybersecurity Law in Myanmar

February 12, 2021|feature, intermediary liability, Issues, issues highlight, media releases, network disruptions, surveillance|

Given the severe social, economic, and human rights consequences that the draft cybersecurity law is likely to have on both users and companies inside the country, GNI calls on the Myanmar military to withdraw and reconsider the law.
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GNI Learning Forum: “What Does the Global Wave of Content Regulation Mean for Human Rights?” 

February 12, 2021|events, feature, media releases|

In dozens of countries around the world, lawmakers are putting forward new proposals to regulate online content, from incitement to violence to disinformation. On 26 January 2021, GNI hosted a learning forum moderated by GNI’s Independent Board Chair David Kaye, with Tom Malinowski (U.S. Congressman, Democrat, New Jersey), Shazia Marri [...]

Concerns About Network Disruptions and Restrictions on Freedom of Expression in Myanmar

February 9, 2021|feature, intermediary liability, network disruptions|

We call on government authorities in Myanmar to immediately restore full network connectivity, reverse orders blocking social media sites, and refrain from issuing further orders or putting pressure on internet and telecommunications companies that contravene the country’s international human rights law commitments, including the freedom of opinion and expression and privacy.

Statement: Internet Shutdowns in Uganda Erode Citizens’ Enjoyment of Basic Human Rights

February 5, 2021|feature, issues highlight, network disruptions|

After the Internet was shut down ahead of the Jan 14 general elections in Uganda, ongoing disruptions targeting digital communications platforms continue, proving detrimental to information access and daily livelihoods, in addition to social, economic, educational, and political engagement. We encourage the government to restore access immediately.

GNI Learning Forum Webinar: What Does the Global Wave of Content Regulation Mean for Human Rights?

January 14, 2021|events, feature, media releases|

UPDATED TIME: Tuesday 26 January 10:00 am – 11:00 am EST (16:00 – 17:00 CET) RSVP Here  In dozens of countries around the world, lawmakers are putting forward new proposals to tackle vexing challenges around online content, from incitement to violence to disinformation, and from hate speech to child protection. [...]

The Right Way to Regulate Digital Harms

January 8, 2021|feature, op-eds, Publication|

In the Op-Ed “The Right Way to Regulate Digital Harms” published by Project Syndicate on December 21, 2020, GNI Independent Board Chair David Kaye and GNI Policy Director Jason Pielemeier discuss the importance of clear and comprehensive regulatory approaches, based on human-rights principles, when addressing toxic content online from terrorist [...]

The GNI Emerging Voices Fellowship Program is Accepting Applications

November 30, 2020|feature, media releases, Uncategorized|

**GNI IS NO LONGER RECEIVING APPLICATIONS FOR THE EMERGING VOICES FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM** GNI warmly welcomes applications for the next one-year GNI Emerging Voices Fellowship Program. The fellowship program seeks to further online freedom of expression and privacy around the world by facilitating collaboration and conversation among diverse stakeholders. Three [...]
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