The Global Network Initiative (GNI) is thrilled to announce that the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro has joined GNI as a civil society member.

ITS Rio aims to strengthen the voice of Brazil, Latin America and the Global South in international debates on technology and its regulation. Its mission is to ensure that Brazil and the Global South respond creatively and appropriately to the opportunities provided by technology in the digital age, and that the potential benefits are broadly shared across society. Through its own research and in partnership with other institutions, ITS Rio analyzes the legal, social, economic and cultural dimensions of technology and advocates for public policies and private practices which protect privacy, freedom of expression and access to knowledge. The Institute also offers innovative education, training and capacity development to individuals and institutions to enable them to understand the promises and challenges of new technologies.

“We are very happy to join GNI and to be able to engage with and to learn from its members. For the last two decades Brazil has showcased how some of the most pressing issues concerning internet governance and regulation could be better addressed through a truly multi-stakeholder approach. We hope ITS can contribute to this increasingly global conversation, building bridges and connecting different perspectives,” said ITS Rio Co-founder and Director Carlos Affonso de Souza.

“ITS Rio has been doing incredible work at the intersection of technology and society for many years, and we are very excited about the expertise, insights, and perspectives that they will bring to GNI,” said GNI Executive Director Jason Pielemeier.

Learn more about ITS Rio and about GNI’s members.