How can technology companies best respect the free expression and privacy rights of their users – wherever they operate in the world?

GNI members advocate collaboratively to protect individual rights when companies come under pressure from governments to hand over customer and user data, censor content or restrict access to communications services.

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We are a growing multi-stakeholder alliance of technology and telecommunications companies, human rights & press freedom groups, investors and academic institutions around the world.

Our 50+ members operate in over 150 countries, including in Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America, South and East Asia.

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International human rights norms inform everything we do.

All our members sign on to the GNI Principles, which guide companies in how they respond to government requests, and our member companies are assessed biannually on how they are meeting these commitments to their customers and users.

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GNI convenes public events and closed-session discussions around the world to allow companies to engage with governments, civil society, and other policy makers. We promote human rights best practice frameworks and policies for governments issuing data requests and companies responding to them.

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