Today, the Global Network Initiative joined experts, companies, and organizations in more than 38 countries in asking world leaders to support strong encryption and to reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine digital security. The letter is now open to public support and is hosted at

In France, India, the U.K, China, the U.S., and beyond, governments are considering legislation and other proposals that would undermine strong encryption. However, safety and privacy depend on secure communications tools and technologies. This letter represents the collective voice of technologists, companies, and organizations that rely on encryption.

“Encryption and anonymity are key foundations of freedom of expression and privacy around the world,” said GNI Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg.

The Global Network Initiative is supporting this important global campaign for strong encryption in order to provide the best possible protection for human rights online.

GNI member and Director of Ranking Digital Rights Rebecca MacKinnon said, “Encryption is one of the strongest tools we have to protect users in an increasingly digital world. There is no panacea to eliminate crime online, but weakening security for users is a clear step in the wrong direction.”

To read the full letter and sign on to this campaign go to the SecureTheInternet website.