Read the summary of the public event here and the event report from the closed-door roundtable here.

CDT Europe and GNI are pleased to share two reports from a recent closed-door expert roundtable and a public event looking at human rights due diligence in the tech policy sector and how it plays out with the European Commission’s Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal.

The roundtable (event report), which featured representatives from the European Parliament, Commission, and EU Member States, as well as multistakeholder experts from academia, civil society, and the private sector, explored three key topics:

  1. The current state of play of human rights due diligence in the tech policy sector;
  2. A deep dive on the Digital Services Act proposal and discussion about possible amendments to the current text to mitigate human rights risks;
  3. A deep dive on DSA’s provisions about auditing of online platforms.

The expert roundtable was followed by a high-level public, live-streamed webinar (video), “How can we apply human rights due diligence to content moderation?,” again in the context of the DSA proposal. Panelists included David Kaye (Chair of the Global Network Initiative Board and former UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression), Peggy Hicks (Director, UN Human Rights (OHCHR)), and Patrick Breyer (MEP, Rapporteur of the LIBE opinion on the DSA).