We’re trying to keep the process of creating and using the CLFR as simple as possible. Some elements like “updated” date are automatically update.

We’re also trying to keep instructions minimal. The only thing we believe might be needed is introducing the opti0n of selecting more or fewer sections from each country to compare. See the last “compare” image.

Also, we haven’t indicated the best way to reset the Compare page, meaning that a visitor might want to clear all the categories and countries and start again.

We are aiming this site at desktop usage, not mobile since you’re wanting columns. We can discuss what can be done.


FRONTEND: Select a Country




FRONTEND: Select a Section and automatically go to that section.



FRONTEND: Select a series of countries and select a topic section


FRONTEND (compare): Select a series of countries and select a series of topic sections (visitor can skip sections).


FRONTEND: Free form Resources and Corrections section.


BACKEND: Very basic: Country, each section in separate editor, and added resources. Date is updated when saving.