GNI Welcomes the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro as a Civil Society Member

“ITS Rio has been doing incredible work at the intersection of technology and society for many years, and we are very excited about the expertise, insights, and perspectives that they will bring to GNI,” said GNI Executive Director Jason Pielemeier.

GNI Welcomes the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy as an Academic Member

“ITLP is an innovative institution that brings together an incredible range of expertise, filtered through critical inquiry and systems-level insight,” said Jason Pielemeier, GNI’s Executive Director. “We will benefit tremendously from their participation.”

GNI Welcome 7amleh – The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media as a Civil Society Member

“7amleh has demonstrated an ability to advocate for digital rights in complex situations,” said Jason Pielemeier, GNI’s Executive Director. “We look forward to integrating their insight and perspective into our collective work in support of freedom of expression and privacy.”

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GNI Statement: E.U. Sanctions on Russian Broadcasters

GNI issued a statement outlining a series of concerns regarding the impacts of the EU's sanctions on Russian broadcasters on freedom of expression. GNI recognizes the legitimate concerns about the Russian government's efforts to spread disinformation and propaganda regarding its unwarranted invasion of Ukraine, and the EU's right to respond to these threats. In sharing and publishing this statement, GNI seeks to highlight where the EU's current approach can be amended to ensure harms to freedom of expression are mitigated. 

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