GNI Workshop at 2016 IGF: Inclusive Responses to Intentional Internet Disruptions

The workshop used breakout groups to facilitate detailed discussions of three topics pertaining to shutdowns: connections to elections and moments of political importance, economic impacts, and technical considerations.
Sat, 12/10/2016 - 11:16

GNI Presents at Special Meeting of UN Counter-Terrorism Committee

Alongside the launch of the GNI Extremist Content Policy Brief, Executive Director Judith Lichtenberg outlined approaches for both companies and governments to respond to alleged terrorist or extremist content while protecting rights to privacy and freedom of expression online.

Tue, 12/06/2016 - 14:09

Encryption and Human Rights Online

GNI welcomes the report to the Human Rights Council by David Kaye, UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of expression, on encryption, anonymity and digital communications.
Mon, 06/15/2015 - 16:51

Video: Data Beyond Borders Report Launch

Join us on January 28 for the launch of a new report commissioned by GNI to address the growing demand from law enforcement agents for access to data subject to another country’s jurisdiction.
Mon, 02/02/2015 - 16:14

2014 Learning Forum on Transparency and Human Rights in the Digital Age - Geneva

On December 1, 2014, the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue and GNI held the second of their two Joint Learning Forums for the year 2014.
Tue, 12/09/2014 - 16:42

Video: Surveillance Reforms: Toward Transparency and Accountability

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 14:53

At the meeting of the Freedom Online Coalition in Tallinn, Estonia, GNI organized a session with the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) on surveillance reforms and transparency: 

Video: The Role of Human Rights Impact Assessments in Advancing Rights Online

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 14:46

At the meeting of the Freedom Online Coalition in Tallinn, Estonia, GNI organized a session with the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Human Rights Impact Assessments in the ICT sector: 

Video: Mark Stephens on the 'Right to Be Forgotten' Ruling

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 14:59

GNI Board Chair Mark Stephens discusses the EU Court of Justice ruling on BBC World: 

Video: New Frontiers of Open Government

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 11:00

At the Open Government Summit in London, GNI Board Chair Jermyn Brooks joined a panel on the next-generation challenges governments and civil society must face in advancing the open government agenda globally.


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