Independent Assessments

Companies participating in GNI are independently assessed on their implementation of the GNI Principles and Implementation Guidelines.

The Assessment Process

Following the completion of the first round of assessments of GNI’s founding companies, in June 2014 the GNI Board voted to consolidate the assessment process in to a two-stage process:

1. Self reporting from the companies to GNI after one year of membership

2. An independent assessment of each company member held every two years coving both a process review and including the review of specific cases

Previously, the assessment process consisted of three phases:

  • Phase I consists of self-reporting by the founding companies, as detailed in GNI’s2010 Annual Report.
  • Phase II was a process review that assesses whether companies are putting into place the necessary policies, systems and procedures to implement GNI’s principles. These assessments were conducted for GNI’s three founding companies, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo during 2011. Details of that process are available in our 2011 Annual Report.
  • Phase III was a case review that assesses a number of specific cases to understand how the companies are implementing the principles and guidelines in practice. The public report on the assessments for Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo is available here.

GNI's Public Report on the 2015/16 Independent Company Assessments was released in July 2016. The full Public Report and supporting documents can be found here.

The Step-by-Step Guide to the GNI Assessment Process can be accessed here

The Assessors 

Only organizations accredited by GNI’s multi-stakeholder Board are eligible to conduct assessments of member companies. Accredited assessors must meet GNI’s publicly available independence and competency criteria.

Our current accredited assessors are listed here.